In this project I aimed to simplify a rather emotionally complex narrative (Darren Aronofsky’s "Black Swan") into a series of photographs that struck the viewer as pale yet undeniably beautiful. My girlfriend and subject of "To Veil A Swan", Sara, and I intended to use facial and bodily expression along with subtle changes in color, makeup, and prop as a way to communicate our dancer’s spiral into mania. However, oddly enough, with our dancer’s loss of sanity came a newfound fortitude; her gaze at the camera transitions from one of passivity to one of assertiveness. At the midway point of ""To Veil A Swan" lies our subject with her hands covered in black, indicating some form of divergence from her white swan persona into a state of possible self-loathing or sorrow, a state embodied by her role as the black swan.
-Dayton Doucette

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